About Us

We are crazy enough to think we can change the world one idea at the time…”


Sourcing global top talents with the vision and drive required to disrupt the norms, Journey to Future was born from a global brand – DS Integrated.


We are the driving force and intelligence behind the most reputable worldwide B2B conferences that we are hosting to push the boundaries of well-known making it possible to unveil the future.

Working with TOP talent

Reliable Partnership

Why Work With Us?

Attendee experience has always been the utmost importance to us. We know that attendees are looking for greater interaction, connectivity, and innovation in conferences they attend than ever before. Journey to Future events go beyond simple lectures – we aim for and experience that is engaging, refreshing and most importantly, one that is real.

Our Principles

Real Case Studies Presented by Leaders and Experts

Keeping Attendees Engaged Through Innovative & Interactive Format Sessions

Personal & Professional Growth Through Tailored Conference

Immediate Take-aways & Fresh Ideas That Can be Brought Back to Work and Implement Immediately