Jasmine Werner

Jasmine Werner

Expert New Workspace & New Work | Axel Springer, Germany


Hi there, I’m Jasmine.

In early 2019 I was running from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. 550 km, in a team, without rules. As a passionate runner, I know that in marathon running, just like in transformation processes, it is important to keep an eye on your goal at every step. This is the only way to create sustainable change.

As an expert for New Workspace and New Work at Axel Springer SE, my team and I find strategies on how to successfully accompany change and how more people find their way into a fulfilled professional life.

In the Workaround Podcast I took the listeners on a journey into the ways of working in the future.
My second podcast happy works. deals with the question to what extent personal happiness and success depend on each other.

As a volunteer I am involved in the organization Future Legends and enable young girls to acquire competences for the digital age.